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TFI HedgeTFI Hedge is a new innovative Service by TFI Markets Ltd, a regulated Investment Firm and a Payment Institution, which enables
the corporate client to reduce uncertainty and protect liquidity and profit margin.

With TFI Hedge you can cover risk from present or future foreign exchange receivables and payables 24hrs a day, in real time with no transaction
costs and at the best currency rates. TFI Hedge is a complete corporate FX solution that includes online hedging, live analysis,
order placement and the ability to execute third party payments.

You are exposed to Foreign Currency Risk if:
  • You receive income in a Foreign Currency.
  • You have expenses in a Foreign currency.
  • You have assets or liabilities denominated in another currency.
  • You expect to pay or receive foreign currency in the future.
  • Your profitability depend on the currency market volatility.
Leverage Policy

TFI Hedge Benefits:
  • A range of solutions to cater for your hedging needs: 
    Our team will provide you with a list of possible solutions to reduce your risk.
  • A variety of instruments: 
    Depending on the duration of your exposure and your risk appetite, we can offer you financial instruments that can be used to
    reduce foreign exchange risk.
  • 24 hour Online Access to the Currency Market: 
    Access to our Online Foreign Exchange Platform on a 24/5 basis to monitor and manage your positions in real-time. Our Platform provides you
    with Trading and Analysis Tools, Historic charts and the latest Foreign Exchange Market News. Access our Platform from
    your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Personal & Professional Support:
    Our Support Team is ready to answer any question in relation to the administration and management of your hedging account.
  • Optional payments in any Currency with No FX Commission: 
    You have the ability to give instructions for payment(s) in any currency to any destination without any Foreign Exchange commission,
    handling or processing fees.
  • Reduced Margin Requirements:
    With TFI Hedge reduced margin requirements, Companies can minimise risk without tying up their cash flow.

With TFI Hedge you can protect your profit margins and reduce uncertainty.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 70%  of  retail  investor  accounts  lose  money when trading CFDs with this provider. You  should  consider  whether  you  understand  how CFDs  work  and  whether  you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read Full Risk Warning 
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